Driving Wheels - Thrustmaster T500, Logitech G27, Force GT

Logitech G27 Game Wheel

G27 home driving game wheel

The G27 is the brand new remarkable video game driving wheel concocted by Logitech's designers. It incorporates 3 items: a game racing wheel, pedals and a 6-speed gear shifter. The game driving wheel supports up to 900 degrees of wheel rotation, i.e. you can go two and a half times around lock to lock. With the mixture of the shift stick and the gas, brake and clutch pedals, you take the most true-to-life driving adventure to your house with your video game consoles and personal computer.

GT Race Wheel

GT home driving game wheel

Prepared for action? With the Logitech GT Wheel you'll feel each road shock, grip and slide as if you were indeed in a real race. With this leading-edge home racing game wheel providing you with ultimate control, the full-speed thrill of game racing reaches totally new heights.

Thrustmaster T500

Thrustmaster home driving game wheel

The T500 video game wheel is an awesome wheel with five axes and a clutch pedal for a more lifelike driving experience. It sports ten functionality buttons, 3 aluminum pedals, and operates with the PS3 versions of Colin McRae: Dirt 2 and SuperCar Challenge. If you wish to feel racing as if you were there on the racing circuit yourself, then you better acquire the Thrustmaster T500 RS driving simulator so that you can have the drive of a lifetime.